Mother’s Day Done With Cocktail Bombs

Mother’s Day Done Right

Peach cocktail bomb for an effortless Mother’s Day brunch (even over zoom).

Jordan Mckay

Mother’s Day is a day meant to show our mothers, wives, and the women in our lives that we can and appreciate everything they do for us. Unfortunately for many of us, this will be our second Covid- 19 Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean brunch is canceled. Even if you can only celebrate over zoom, enjoying a pleasant and refreshing cocktail with your special lady has never been easier than with a Peach Cocktail bomb. Here is my favorite fruity and sweet cocktail for your Mother’s Day brunch.

Peach Sangria

This sangria recipe is perfect for your Covid Mother’s Day celebrations. As opposed to your regular pitcher of sangria, this recipe is easy to make and suitable for one person. As always, the recipes are flexible, and I’ve included alternatives at the end of the recipe. If you’re planning to share, I’ve included the measurements for a pitcher. Still, the cocktail bombs dissolve better in a single glass.

What you’ll need for one glass:

  • Two shots of peach schnapps
  • 150mls of prosecco
  • One ripe peach
  • 100mls of ginger ale
  • A peach cocktail bomb

For a pitcher serving 5 people:

  • One bottle of prosecco
  • 150mls of peach schnapps
  • Four ripe peaches
  • 750mls of ginger ale
  • Four peach cocktail bombs

I recommend starting by cutting your peaches into wedges and adding them to a glass or pitcher. I suggest only a couple of slices for one person, but if you would prefer a pitcher, add all the peach slices to the pitcher. Though the fruit is mainly for decoration, make sure that the wedges are wide enough for snacking—the sangria flavors ferment the peaches, making them a tasty and boozy snack.

Next, add your peach schnapps to the glass or pitcher. The quantity is flexible depending entirely on how strong you enjoy your drinks. If you prefer a stiff drink, you can add a shot of vodka for every shot of schnapps—I love this for a boozy brunch.

To best preserve the fizz of your prosecco, save that for last, add your ginger ale next. The ginger ale adds a dimension to the sangria. It helps alleviate some of the sickly-sweet flavors from your schnaps and peaches. If you prefer a sweeter drink, a rose prosecco is an excellent alternative to a classic taste.

Add your prosecco to your glass or pitcher and stir the mix lightly and finally, drop your cocktail bombs in.

The best part of this recipe is undoubtedly the final pop and fizz of the cocktail bombs. Even if you can only have your breakfast over zoom, making the drink is a great activity to do together or even over zoom.

This recipe offers a new and fun way to enjoy Mother’s Day with family. As opposed to a simple peach Bellini or mimosa, this peach schnapps sangria is promised to please even the pickiest.


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